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Buying your first home?

Go into homeownership confidently with expert guidance. Make informed decisions and enjoy a seamless home-buying experience!

Buying your first home?

Get expert guidance at every step of the process. I'll help you learn what lenders look for, which mortgage options are best for you, and more!

Investing in property?

Build your financial future. Discover opportunities for net worth growth via a second home or investment property with expert insights and guidance.

Investing in property?

Elevate your investment game, simplify the process and secure the most optimal financing. Let me be your guide to stress-free investment success.

Need credit help?

Don't let past credit problems hold you back. Get expert mortgage help tailored to your credit needs, and start on the path to your dream home!

Need credit help?

Boost your financial confidence. Whether you need to repair or build credit, I aim to empower you with personalized strategies and support.

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I can help you through every step of the mortgage process. Please feel free to reach out for expert advice!

    Why choose me to help with your mortgage?

    I am independent of any particular lender. What this means for you? I help you find the best solution for YOUR specific needs.

    In fact, I work with over 50 lenders – banks, trust companies, credit unions, and even private lenders –  which means that there will usually be several alternatives from which to choose the best possible mortgage financing options for your goals. Sound better than working with an individual bank? It is!

    I have been in the financial industry for a long time - not just in mortgages, but also in financial planning, investment management, and credit. That is hard to find in the Canadian mortgage industry, and I will use that experience to get you the best possible mortgage solution.

    Whatever your position or goal, if you want to buy a home or refinance your mortgage, I can help. I have an extensive background in financial services and am passionate about mentoring and educating people on understanding how to make the most of your mortgage.

    I am not trying to squeeze you into a box.  Instead, after understanding what your goals and financial needs are, I’ll find you a lender or lenders that will match what YOU want.

    If you're a first-time homebuyer, novice property investor, or recovering from past credit challenges, I can advise you on what is truly relevant to your situation. It is my mission to provide awesome service while saving you stress, time and money.

    Do you have credit challenges, bruised credit, a previous consumer proposal or bankruptcy, and want to buy a home?  Even in those scenarios, I can be your trusted guide in getting back on financial track. I'm here to help, not judge.

    What my clients are saying

    Tracy & John

    Ingrid, thanks for everything you did for us. Buying this investment property was new territory for us, but you made the process a smooth and easy one. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs a great mortgage broker!

    • Great Broker!

    Allison & Bryan

    Ingrid, thanks so much for your professionalism and hard work in helping us get the mortgage for our dream home! We are so happy and loving everything about finally having our own place!

    • Very Professional and Helpful

    Michelle & Kevin

    Thank you for helping us to change our life by climbing out of debt with our mortgage refinance. We have cash flow and freedom now and we are on the road to good credit again. It feels amazing! Thanks again!!

    • Many thanks!

    Marie & Peter

    Ingrid, thank you for making this happen and for making the process so easy. We have already referred you to some of our friends.

    • Highly Recommended

    Jeff & Jacqueline

    We could not have gotten this mortgage and closed on the house in time without your tremendous effort and stick handling. Not enough words…. Thank you and we will be in touch when we get the keys!

    • Great service!

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    Concerned about ending up with an unfamiliar mortgage company when working with a mortgage broker? It’s a common question. Check out some of our trusted lenders below. Click any logo for more info at their own websites, or check out my post for more details.

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    I guide you through every step of the mortgage process. Contact me for expert insights tailored to your specific situation.