Fix your credit

March 16, 2024 5 Comments

Less than perfect credit? So you have checked your credit and discovered, to your dismay, that it is not ideal. Perhaps you've missed a few payments, had a debt end up with a credit

March 11, 2024 0 Comments

Managing your credit card makes your mortgage application stronger The opposite of this statement is also true: carrying a credit card balance can hurt your mortgage chances. So, being mindful while managing your

February 20, 2024 2 Comments

How much do alternative lenders charge? If you've considered a B lender, chances are you're worried about how much exactly you would need to pay.  In my experience, people often get alternative lenders confused with

February 12, 2024 5 Comments

Getting a mortgage after a consumer proposal? 7 tips If you're like most people, getting a consumer proposal feels like a big relief at first. You want to get this thing done and

January 1, 2024 0 Comments

What’s on your financial bucket list? Your bucket list includes the goals, life experiences, and dreams you want to achieve, not just in retirement but also now or in the near future. Here