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March 30, 2024 0 Comments

Get off on the right foot If you're like me, your first-time home buying journey will include fun outings to look at great places, obsessive browsing through MLS listings of homes all over

March 23, 2024 0 Comments

You may be wondering if you can really afford to buy If you're in the very beginning stages of home buying, you may be wondering if you can really afford to buy. Buying

March 20, 2024 1 Comment

Worried about retirement? According to Ipsos-Reid, almost a quarter of Canadian baby boomers worry whether they have enough for retirement. They're not alone. Almost 40% of Canadian adults haven't saved a penny for

March 18, 2024 0 Comments

It might be time for a mortgage tune-up Are you feeling overwhelmed by your mortgage payments or have a feeling you could be doing more to manage your mortgage? One of the most

March 16, 2024 5 Comments

Less than perfect credit? So you have checked your credit and discovered, to your dismay, that it is not ideal. Perhaps you've missed a few payments, had a debt end up with a credit