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Ingrid Bjel McGaughey - mortgage broker - testimonials - Mississauga Etobicoke Oakville Toronto
Marie and Peter – with the keys to their first home – July 2016

What former clients had to say….

As a mortgage broker, my job is to get you the best possible mortgage for your situation. I work hard to add value for my clients whenever possible. Here are some comments from a few of my wonderful clients:


“Thank you for helping us to change our life by climbing out of debt with our mortgage refinance.  We have cash flow and freedom now and we are on the road to good credit again.  It feels amazing!  Thanks again!!”  Michelle and Kevin, 2017


“I was very fortunate having an opportunity to work with Ingrid who helped with my commercial property purchase. Ingrid has set a higher bar for a mortgage broker. She did not just stop at “here, you are approved with bank ABC, I have done my job”.  Ingrid communicated on her client’s behalf  (very important for people busy with work or those who have limited experience with real estate transactions), with all parties involved – lawyers, banks, real estate agents, appraiser and whoever needed be in the loop – to the minutes I picked up the key. She oversaw the entire complex transaction process, ensured every step of the way that we were on the right path, and made corrective actions as needed. Having Ingrid as my mortgage broker helped tremendously in de-stressing and freeing up my time so I could enjoy doing what I do best during this lengthy process, and of course saved me money over the long run. Ingrid is very thorough, knowledgeable, resourceful, transparent, efficient, accessible and ethical in her work. Without any hesitation I highly recommend Ingrid and for sure I will use her service again in the near future. Thank you Ingrid.”  Dr. Tom N, 2017


“Ingrid, thank you for making this happen and for making the process so easy. We have already referred you to some of our friends.”  Marie and Peter, 2016


“Hi Ingrid, I’m happy to report that the mission is accomplished! We picked up the cheque from the Scotia branch last night and I’ll pay Honda out next week. Helen and I are both so grateful to you for keeping on top of things right until the end! The refinance really was a seamless process for us; I can just imagine the kind of legwork that went on behind the scenes… We will be recommending you to friends or colleagues if we hear they are looking to buy or refinance.

Thanks again, so much Ingrid; it’s a weight off our shoulders that we’re back on track!”   Eva and Helen, 2016


“Hi Ingrid, coming from a situation with a previous broker that never met us face-to-face, and told us [that for our investment property] we’d need a 50% down payment (at the end of the process), you exceeded our expectations with the mortgage you got for us!  I also found you to be very down to earth and easy to talk to. Nothing I can think of to improve on…  Thanks again, and we’ll be in touch when we’re ready for the next place!  Emily and Peter, 2016


“Thank you Ingrid for being a part of the purchasing process for our first home. We didn’t know anything about mortgages but you explained everything to us in layman’s terms which put us at ease. You were always very professional and responded to our questions in a timely manner. We appreciated your follow ups to make sure we had all our documents in place so that we could receive the best mortgage rate.

We had a great experience with you and will definitely continue to recommend you to all our friends and family!”  Irene and Quinn, 2016


“Ingrid: we could not have done this without your tremendous effort and stick handling. Not enough words…. Thank you and we will be in touch when we get the keys.”  Jeff and Jacqueline, 2015


“Thank you so much for all your hard work on my mortgage, Ingrid. You really made the process very easy and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.” David C., 2015


“Ingrid, you have been a such pleasure to work with, especially considering what we went through with the bank on our previous mortgage (there is simply NO COMPARISON!). Your professionalism, accommodation, empathy and positivity, made this whole process “stress-free” for us, especially given our circumstances of raising a young family, selling our house, working, living our lives, etc. You took the time to explain the process every step of the way and guided us in a very professional/personal manner to ensure that we had the opportunity to provide all documentation and necessary requirements. Your due diligence was par excellence! In working in a similar field where client focus is the number one priority, I know it takes a special individual with commitment to their organization to be able to provide such service to their clients and you have demonstrated this commitment at a standard that will be hard to beat! (I truly mean that). Once again, THANK YOU for creating such a positive client experience for us. Hats off to you Ingrid, hats off!!!”  Stephen and Razenn, 2015


“You have been fantastic through the whole process.”  Darren and Nicky, 2015


“Ingrid, thanks so much for your professionalism and hard work in helping us get the mortgage for our dream home! We are so happy and loving everything about finally having our own place!”  Allison and Bryan, 2014


“Ingrid, as you know we were in a panic when the approval from our bank fell through and we had already put in a firm offer on our home. Not only did you get us a great mortgage that was even better than what we’d been offered at the bank, you also saved us from a nervous breakdown. We will never work with another mortgage advisor and are recommending you to all our friends. Thanks again.”  Jennifer and Ian, 2014


“Thank you kindly for all your help in getting us a mortgage. We have been so stressed about the credit problems following us for the last few years, and it seems that everyone we talk to is trying to extort as much money from us as possible. We appreciate your professional approach and the advice you have given us for getting our finances and credit rating back on track. It is such a relief to know that we are only a year or two away from being out of the woods.” Wayne and Denise, 2013


“Ingrid, thanks for everything you did for us. Buying this investment property was new territory for us, but you made the process a smooth and easy one. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs a great mortgage broker.” Tracy and John, 2013


“Thanks for helping me to buy my first home! As a single home buyer I was pretty nervous but you held my hand every step of the way, so I felt totally prepared. You’re the best!” Carolee, 2012



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