First-time homebuyers - what treatment do you deserve? Ingrid McGaughey Mortgage Broker

First-time homebuyers: what do you deserve?

First-time homebuyers - what treatment do you deserve? Ingrid McGaughey Mortgage Broker

I work with many first-time homebuyers in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, and throughout Ontario.  Some have already talked to a professional of one type or another about their mortgage, others haven’t.

All of them seem surprised at the time I take to provide them with information, options and scenarios that they could choose.

“Why doesn’t everyone work with a mortgage broker?”

…  a couple recently asked me. (My answer: “I don’t know, but I wish they would!”)  In reality, almost 1 out of every 2 first-time homebuyers do, according to Mortgage Professionals Canada.

Here’s why you should consider working with someone like me.

What I’m passionate about

This is what I believe.  Regardless of who you work with, here are five things that you deserve:

1.  Exceptional customer service

You should expect MASSIVELY DIFFERENT, PREMIUM care.  This doesn’t just mean someone who returns your calls, emails, or texts on a timely basis – though that’s a given.  After going through the process of getting a mortgage, you deserve to feel that the person you worked with truly went above and beyond your expectations in helping you through the experience, that they are someone who’s in your corner, fighting for you to get the best mortgage possible.

2.  Great rates

As this Bank of Canada study found, “borrowers who use a mortgage broker pay less, on average, than those that negotiate with the lender directly.” Why? Lenders know that if they are negotiating with an independent mortgage consultant, there is competition automatically built into the process. If they don’t provide a great rate or a great feature for the client, the mortgage broker can – and will – take the client elsewhere.

3.  Mentorship

Let’s face it, buying a home is a big decision.  It’s probably the biggest purchase you’ve made in your life so far.  And you “don’t know what you don’t know”.  The person who helps you put your mortgage together should be educating you on your options.  You should feel equipped to make the choices that are best for your financial situation.

4.  Choices

Maybe you fit into a box, maybe you don’t.  We Canadians have a huge number of options to choose from when it comes to getting mortgage financing.  There are so many lenders in the market now – banks, trust companies, credit unions, and more.  Your mortgage professional should be giving you the choice of lenders that will fit your own unique requirements, educating you on the pros and cons of each, and helping you to make an informed choice from among them.  You’re in the driver’s seat.  Consider me your navigator!

5.  A real understanding of your financial situation

Expect more.  Don’t settle for someone who looks at your mortgage as a one-time transaction.  Your mortgage is only part of your big picture, long-term, financial success.   Your mortgage advisor should be asking questions about your short- and long-term financial goals, your plans for yourself and your family, where you see yourself headed with your career.  All of that should be taken into account when you’re deciding what type of mortgage will work best for you.

Want to learn more?

And if you need a GTA area or Toronto mortgage broker, call me!  I’m always happy to discuss your options, no strings attached.  🙂

Happy homebuying…

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