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Don’t be scared, your mortgage broker can help!

Don’t be nervous about getting a mortgage, a broker can help!

One-third of Canadians already use a mortgage broker when getting a new mortgage (source: CAAMP).   And a report from the Bank of Canada, analyzing data over decades, found that brokers “play an important role in matching borrowers and lenders”.  Further, they stated simply that “borrowers who use a mortgage broker pay less, on average, than borrowers who negotiate with lenders directly”.

What else can a mortgage broker do for you?

Especially if you’re thinking of buying your first home or first investment property, working with a mortgage professional like me can make the process much smoother and easier.

Speaking for myself, I consider and negotiate with up to 50 lenders to get you the best mortgage deal (and not just the best rate, but the best features as well).  I do your research and shopping around for you.

I also work with you to get YOU into the best financial condition you can be in.  When I’m working with first-time buyers, I look at everything – checking your credit, and helping you be aware of and fix any issues, helping you put together a mortgage plan, and answering all the questions you have about the process.

Best of all, most of the time it costs you nothing!  I get paid by the lender, not by you.

Which lenders would a Toronto / Mississauga mortgage broker hook you up with?

Since I’m based in Ontario, the lenders I work with range from several of the big banks, as well as a number of big Canadian lenders who don’t have a branch network, and who rely solely on mortgage brokers to connect them with clients.  I also can work with trust companies, credit unions, and various alternative lenders such as private lenders.

How do we work together?

My office is in Mississauga, very close to the Etobicoke border.  If it’s convenient for my clients, I can meet them at my office.  Realistically though, in a city like Toronto, it’s sometimes easier to meet elsewhere.  I’m flexible, and my hours are flexible too – I don’t work “bankers’ hours”.

So don’t be afraid – shoot me an email or give me a call!

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